So, you started Email Marketing for you business. GREAT MOVE!

You Planned and Created an Email series for your Subscribers. You Wrote really nice Emails with great offers and hooks and you sent the emails away. But later, when you check the stats, the Email Open Rate turned out to be a MASSIVE Disappointment. Why?

From the Sea of Emails collected in out Inboxes, What’s the 1st thing people check? The Subject Line! And, that’s where the solution to your problem lies.

Here are the Top 5 elements of an Email Subject Line that can significantly impact your Email Open rates.

Email Marketing Subject Line that can significantly impact your Email Open rates

1. Benefits & Gains:
This one is a no-brainer. Your Subject line needs to clearly communicate what they will gain from the contents of the email. Will they receive something they are looking for? Will they get help they are seeking? What is the Gain here? What’s the promise and how is the content of the email delivering what’s promised?

2. Fresh & New:
People like to get new updates and information around the subjects they are interested in. If your email content is about news and updates your Subject line needs to clearly define this.

3. Scarcity & Urgency
When a Subject line indicates shortage and scarcity it adds a tone of urgency to your email, encouraging your Subscribers to “Act Now” rather than “Maybe Later”. This could be a limited time offer, limited number of seats and so on.

4. Story & Tales:
Everybody enjoys a great story. If you have the skill to wrap your email in a story, your Email Subject has to start the beginning the story and keep it enticing enough for people to want to know more.

5. Personal & Human-like
It’s important to always keep in mind that your are interacting with people. Do not see them as potential leads, but as people with problems you can solve. People with emotions and humanity. Keeping this in mind, make sure your Email Subject line has a human touch when communicating a message across.

your Email Subject line needs to have a human touch when communicating a message across

Next time you are drafting that email, consider which of these elements you can add to your Subject line to improve your Email Open rates. Use at least one of the above to encourage your Subscribers to open your Emails. Hope you found this helpful.

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