Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a type of Internet Marketing. In this model, as an advertiser, you will have to pay a fee every time someone clicks your Ad. So, if you have a marketing budget and do not want to depend on Organics visits alone, PPC is a great way to get targeted visitors to your website QUICKLY. Here are THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE CONCLUSION for PPC internet marketing model.

The Pay-Per-Click Marketing Model For Online Businesses

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a type of Internet marketing model


1) Speed-to-go-live – Unlike other traffic strategies, PPC Ads can be launched pretty much immediately and will bring laser targeted traffic and qualified buyers to your Online Business. Guaranteed.

2) The World Is Your Market– You can target local,national and even international traffic just with a few clicks. Once you know who your target market is and where do they hang out, you can reach virtually every single person who is connected to the world wide web. No matter how big or remote their geographic location is.

3)  Validate Your Business Model– Shrewd Entrepreneurs use Pay-Per-Click ads to run tests and simulations for their new business ideas. Imagine you can test products and see how they perform before having to invest in any kind of inventory. Not only that, you can Split Test different variants of Ads to see what converts the best. A/B Split testing is an essential and powerful tool for the success for any marketing plan.

4)  Scale Quickly & Confidently– Once you have a proven campaign you can scale the size of this campaign to maximize your returns. Using PPC you, can also refine your keywords to see which keywords convert the best for your buyers increasing your insight ten fold.

5) Its Easy, Low Cost & Can have High Returns – With companies like Google & Facebook having to depend upon end customers like you to become their customers, they have really simplified the process of setting up Ad campaigns and removed great deals of risks for small and medium sized business owners. Its again your chance to compete with Big Brands.

Google Adwords is a popular form on PPC Advertising


1) Mastering PPC is Difficult – While its simple enough for newbies to get started with their campaigns, becoming an expert is another thing. Once your budgets increase you need to get familiar with various terminologies, software and other guidelines.

2) Getting The Perfect Ad Copy/Images – We all know that having a well written ad along with an attention grabbing image is a must for your ads to perform well. Finding the right image either takes time or money. You need to get permission for these images or will have to by a premium subscription with Royalty Free Images.

3) Landing Pages that Convert – While you will be able to setup your ad campaigns and churn out some fancy ad titles, you need to have an appropriate place for your visitors to land. For that, again, you need to be familiar with software that will help you accomplish this. This is another piece that you need to learn to be ahead of the curve.

4) Competitors Can Copy You – While this may be an advantage for Newbies, established brands can have their entire marketing campaigns replicated in minutes. Using software, you are able to receive highly sensitive information about your competitors’ customers. Now this can be used by you, or against you as it is legally allowed by most advertising platforms like Google & Facebook.

5) You are Still Spending Money – Even though it might be a small amount to begin with, you do need to pay for your ads. Having no budget or a limited budget to invest has its own risks.

Although PPC is cheap you still need to have a marketing budget for it


If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur and really want to test and tweak your product/campaign, PPC is certainly something you must experiment with. It is repeatable, proven and in our opinion the easiest way to get targeted converting traffic to your website.

Be careful that you are at least aware of the basics of running an online ad campaign, and be sure not to burn a hole in your pocket when experimenting. Once you have a proven product or service, you might find that PPC advertising is just the right digital marketing strategy your business needed. Thank us later, if this becomes the most valuable source of traffic to your online business.