Are you New to E-commerce? Or, your E-commerce website isn’t converting as you hoped for?

Whatever be the case, the following 11-Point E-commerce Checklist is designed to improve conversion rates. Go through each of the points below and then carefully analyze your own E-Commerce store to figure out what changes you need to implement.

E-commerce Checklist is designed to improve conversion rates

11-Point E-commerce Checklist

1. Reduce Customer Risk – by establishing trust and credibility throughout the checkout process. Adding Secure payments, Shipping and Return Policy, Refund Policy and positive product Reviews to your store are some of the ways to reduce customer risk and gain their trust.

2. Make Shopping Cart Easy To Access – by making it accessible from all pages of the store.

3. Shorten Check-Out Process – by reducing the number of steps in the check-out process. If buyers are ready to make the purchase, and give their money to you, don’t make it difficult for them to do so.

4. Make Shipping Less Complicated – by offering free or flat rate shipping. Let your visitors know about it early on.

5. Reduce Cart Abandonment – by revealing any additional fee early on. Whether its shipping charges or any other type of fee, let your buyers know as early as possible to set the expectations right at the beginning.

6. Add and Advertise “Gift It” Option – by making it clearly visible on your E-commerce store. This allows store visitors to gift your products to their friends and family.

7. Make Payment Transaction Easy – by providing as many payment options as possible, including cash on delivery.

8. Avoid Your Buyers From Feeling Lost – by clearly showing the progress through the check-out process, and letting them know which step of the Check-Out Process they are at.

9. Make Exploring and Buying Products Easy – by not forcing them to create an account and allow them the option to checkout as a guest.

10. Let Your Products Sell Themselves – by adding lots of interactive product images for each product. Add videos of the product being used if that is possible.

11. Encourage Buyer Decision – by including product reviews to for each item.

does your E-commerce store follow this checklist

How many of the above does your E-commerce store follow? Let us know in the comment section.