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There are eight basic notes in music. These notes are the basis of all music. Whether you are creating a country ballad or a dance floor scorcher, you will need to draw on these 8 notes. They are the foundation of all music.

Think of keywords as the notes in your business as the music you plan to make or build. Keywords are at the core of everything you do. If you do not know your keywords you do not know your business. Keywords are fundamental. They are the roots of your online business and will influence everything that comes after:

  1. They can help understand competition in your niche
  2. They can help validate your business
  3. You can make educated decisions if you know your keywords
  4. You learn more about your target market from keyword research
  5. You can reach right audience through right keywords.

Your website content, SEO and even your social media will be built around your selected keywords.

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You may be very good with your product knowledge but unless you have some idea what your customer is thinking you will be unable to close the sale.

If a man walks into a pet store he will tell the sales person what he is looking for. “I want a leash for my golden retriever” or “Do you carry vegetarian dog food”. This gives the sales person an idea of what the customer is thinking. The sales person can now show the customer the right products and give the right pitch to make sure the customer makes a purchase before leaving.

Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Online Business

When an individual is using Google, they tell the search engine what they are looking for by entering a keyword like “vegetarian dog food online”. Knowing what keyword brought a particular visitor to your site can help you optimize your content and show the right products which will increase your chances of making a sale.

This is why choosing the wrong keywords is like committing digital suicide.

  • It will bring the wrong visitors to your website
  • They will not only leave without making a purchase but will be dissatisfied
  • They will feel misled as they were brought to a site that does not offer what they were looking for
  • This will also increase bounce rate
  • Thereby costing you your website’s credibility

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Things to look for when choosing your business Keywords:

  1. Good monthly search volume
  2. Low to medium competition
  3. User Intent

Recommended free Keyword Research :

  1. Google’s Keyword Planner
  2. Keywords Everywhere – Chrome & Firefox add-on

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