A Pixel is a snippet of code which is added to your website. Pixel allows you to follow up with people who have visited your website and is essential for RETARGETING and Tracking.

Two Types Of Facebook Pixels You Need To Know About

  1. Conversion pixels
  2. Website Custom Audience pixel

Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing

Facebook Conversion Pixel

Purpose – Tracking

Facebook Conversion pixel is a code which is placed on a specific page. When a visitor lands on that page, the pixel is triggered and a conversion is counted. This allows us to track:

  • How many times an action took place
  • How is a particular landing page performing

For Example: The action expected from the visitors of your landing page is to signup for a webinar. After they signup, they are taken to a “Thank You” page. If you place Facebook Conversion Pixel on your “Thank You” page, you will be able to track how many times the action was taken.

When you are able to track results, you can make informed decisions about which campaigns and landing pages are working and which ones aren’t. This opens up room to optimize your campaigns and make necessary changes to create high performance campaigns.

Website Custom Audience Pixel

Purpose – Retargeting

Website Custom Audience Pixel is placed in your website’s Head template, so, you don’t have to manually add it to each page. This pixel type will help you create Custom Audiences of people who have visited your website from any traffic sourse.

You can create Custom Audience of People…

who have visited your website
who have visited a specific page of your website
who have visited webpages with specific URLs

Create Custom Audience

1. Go to Ad Manager

2. Under Assets, click Audience

3. Click on Create Audience drop-down and select Custom Audience

One of the coolest things about Custom Audience is that you can create Lookalike Audience with Custom Audience for better and more targeted results.

Before setting up A Facebook Ad campaign, have your Facebook pixels in place. Its a powerful tool without which your campaign is incomplete.

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