Your Google Ad is always up against a huge volume of competition. Just like you, your competitors too are fighting for the limited space available in Google search results.

So, When your Google Ad does manage to grab a fine spot, how can you ensure a profitable click through rate? Use the following cheat sheet for your Google Ads to stand out and ultimately win.

Google Ads Cheat Sheet To Boost Click Through Rate

Google Ads Cheat Sheet To Boost Click Through Rate

1. Add A Reason For Buyers To Choose Your Ad – Why should buyers choose you over your competitors? Give them a solid reason to.

Example: Get 10% OFF On Your 1st Order. Free Shipping.

2. Add Free Shipping – If you do offer Free Shipping, make sure you display this is your Google Ad. Shipping charges is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. So, if this is something you offer, highlight it.

3. Add Trust and Remove Risks – Put your buyer’s mind at ease by adding trust and removing risks for them.

Example: Order Now! 7-Day Money Back Guarantee!

4. Add A Call To Action – Majority of the times, people do what they are told to do. It’s like taking them from Point A to Point B.

Example: Shop Now with Discount Code: FLAT$ to get flat 50% OFF on All Items.

5. Add Contact Details – Make is easier for your customers to contact you. Add your phone number. Add you address if its a local business.

Example: Call Us at 1234567898 To Make a Reservations.

6. Add a Story – When your start telling a success story, people want to know how it unfolds. Adding a story to your Google Ad in entertaining and generates curiosity.

Example: Find out how a student from Massachusetts started his $100,000 Online Business with $100 investment.

7. Add Interesting Numbers – Numbers like 68 will appear more accurate as well as interesting, and therefore more attention grabbing than 60.

Example: Get 68% Discount on your Favorite Pizza Combo!

8. Add A Question – Buyers are more likely to engage when your Ad title is a Question.

Example: Booked Your Valentine’s Day Flowers?

9. Add Shortage and Scarcity – Adding early bird offers, limited time and limited seat offers are tools to create scarcity and encourage buyer to act fast.

Example: Grab Your Tickets at 50% Discount. Limited Time Offer. Seats filling in Quickly.

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You cannot apply all the above to one single Google Ad. See which ones make sense for your business and the offer you are promoting.

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