It is no secret that video is a popular form of content on the internet but if you are not utilizing video as part of your Facebook strategy you are missing out.

Video Content for Facebook Engagement

Video content is shown to have a much higher reach and engagement in Facebook news feeds allowing you to drive more traffic for your efforts than other types of posts. With updates like instant play video’s and embedding codes for blog sharing Facebook clearly acknowledges this as a growing trend.

Video Content for Facebook Engagement

Five Ways to Get Higher Engagement With Facebook Videos

1. Quality Content: When making videos for Facebook it is important that the audio and video quality leaves a good impression that reflects highly on your brand.  This can be intimidating for many businesses on a budget. However, with cheap outsourcing opportunities or easy to use animation software like Animoto, quality video is within everybody’s reach.

2. No Direct Advertising: Marketing videos on Facebook should be designed to pick up likes and shares.  Direct advertising videos do not encourage positive engagement and are likely to alienate your audience.

3. Add Value: Video post should entertain, inspire or educate the viewer, if it can do more than one of these all the better.  Make your ad message subtle not the heart of your Facebook video.

Five Ways to Get Higher Engagement With Facebook Videos

4. Keep it short and engaging: Viewers have a short attention span and you have 5 seconds to capture their attention. Once you got their attention your video content needs to be able to engage your viewers so they stick around and watch the entire video.

5. Boost your Videos: If you feel you have a winning video post, consider boosting your reach with Facebook video ads.  Sometimes a little leverage can go a long way.

So, if Facebook is sharing video content on more news-feed pages and fans are having greater engagement with video posts it’s clearly time to make video a greater part of you Facebook marketing.

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