Customized Digital Marketing Training Solutions.

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Our vision is to be the definitive source for the most up to date proven implementable digital marketing tactics and strategies.


Our mission is to work with 1000 businesses per year of all sizes providing knowledge and skills to maximize their success and accelerate the achievement of their goals utilizing customized digital marketing solutions.


Introduction & Assessment

We want to understand your strategic goals, gauge your digital marketing challenges, identify skill gaps,and find out what’s holding your business back from being even more profitable.

Opportunity & Curriculum

We identify the gaps and create opportunities by developing training specific to your current needs.

Learning & Implementation

Based on your brief and our assessment we will train your team on your specific needs. Our training will be designed to provide your team with detailed knowledge as well as empower them with implementable plans.

Evaluation & Results

Every training delivered is measured either by an assessment created by us of a real time project. All team members will be certified upon fulfilment of the program.

Transform Your Workforce & Your  Company!

This Training Will Help You To…

  • Get more leads & sales online
  • Upskill your existing workforce
  • Uncover competitors latest strategies
  • Build an automated sales pipeline
  • Reduce sales cycles
  • Build a better brand online
  • Increase customer retention
  • Become A Thought Leader
  • Certified Courses
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • 100% hands-on training
  • Support by panel of experts
  • Course material
  • Personal feedback & consultation
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Regular updates on latest digital marketing tools

Corporate Training Features…

Corporate Training Features…

  • Certified Courses
  • Instructor-led sessions
  • 100% hands-on training
  • Support by panel of experts
  • Course material
  • Personal feedback & consultation
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Access to exclusive resources
  • Regular updates on latest digital marketing tools



Certified Training Options

Classroom Training

  • Two modules a day (Total 6 hours)
  • Minimum 10 people
  • Enhanced reporting for individuals and teams

Live Virtual Classroom

  • Once a week live virtual training followed by mentoring sessions
  • Three months course (Total 12 weeks)
  • 3 hours per training session (Total 36 hours)
  • 1 hour per mentoring session (Total 3 hours)
  • Self Paced training (if live training missed out)
  • Minimum 8 people

We can also work with you to design a training program that suits your unique needs.


Learn the most in-demand skills through hands-on training workshops. Here are the topics that are covered


This course covers the basic concepts in digital marketing, what it is, and the impact it can have on customer engagement. By looking at how you can build relevant conversations with your customers and increase revenue.

Organic Traffic Booster

Traffic is one of the most important pillars of Digital Marketing. This module provides the foundational knowledge to help you improve visibility of your website and increase website traffic

Strategic Social Media

In this course, you will understand the potential of using social media for business and learn to make your brand’s presence more powerful using social media.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC or pay-per-click is a paid method of online advertising. It uses search engines to enhance the traffic to your website to gain new customers.


Efforts in Digital Marketing should not only lead to increased traffic but also to higher conversions. If not done right, Digital Marketing can be a drain on your resources, without achieving desired results.

Sales Funnel That Converts

With the ever-increasing scope of Digital Marketing, having a strategy in place is indispensable. Digital Marketing Strategy is knowing what to do, why, and how to do it.

Analytics that’s Matter

In the offline world, you might not understand where your customers heard about your business, what they looked at in your store, or even how their past purchases influence their current visit.

Email Marketing

Email has been viewed as a spammy channel in the past, but today it has made a comeback as a powerful marketing tool.

Tools & Software

Know which tools are right for you and what to look out for. How to use digital marketing tools as a touchstone of marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend This Training

  • Organization Heads
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Sales & Marketing Team
  • CRM Team
  •  PR & Communication Team
  •  Digital Marketing Team
  •  Entrepreneurs focused on scaling business
  • Brands with large database but low engagement
  • Businesses who want to add new online channels to their mix
  • International brands entering a new market
  • Brands aimed at increasing awareness
  •  Startups that need to conduct B2B
  •  Brands focused on being top of mind in crowded market
  •  Brands that want to identify strategies to boost sales


Founder’s Note

Is your team depending too much on your agency or is one part of your team being setback due to the lack of knowledge in certain online marketing tools or is your company ready for a boost in its online presence but your team is not ready for it yet?

I have been in the digital marketing business for over a decade and in my experience, I have come across a number of corporates facing this issue – this is why I developed this training.

If you believe any of these situations are similar to yours, then this training is right up your alley.

We provide the ultimate customized training designed for marketers and brands who want a clear online marketing path to fast-track their growth and success.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach here – kick-start your online business success by introducing yourself and the biggest challenge you’re facing, and we’ll be in touch with a solution.