Dawn of the digital era has forced marketing to evolve. To help marketers adapt to this change, we have put together a list of 9 essentials you need to create a perfect Marketing Campaign, that works great in the digital landscape.

9 Components Of A Perfect Marketing Campaign


9 Components Of A Perfect Marketing Campaign


  1. Core Offer:

Clearly define what your core offer is going to be. This is the main product of your campaign. This is what you are aiming at selling to your potential customers.

  1. Lead Magnet:

A Lead Magnet is a small offer given to a prospect in exchange for an opt-in. Decide what your Lead Magnet will be.


  • An eBook
  • A Quiz
  • A Step-by-Step Guide
  • A Free Assessment

Lead Magnet is a small offer given to a prospect in exchange for an opt-in 

  1. Tripwire:

Figure out what you can present as your Tripwire. A Tripwire is a low dollar, high-value offer which is created to convert prospects into buyers. Keep the Tripwire cost super low to make it an irresistible offer, your potential customers simply can’t pass.


  • A Helpful Tool
  • A Webinar
  • A Mini Course
  • A Consultation
  1. Landing Page:

A landing page comes at the very top of your sales and marketing funnel. You will offer your lead magnet on your landing page, in exchange for their details, like Name and Email. Learn how to design the perfect Landing Page here: 11 Key Elements Of A Successful Landing Page.

  1. Thank You Page:

Thank You page after lead magnet introduces the tripwire offer

After a visitor accepts your Lead Magnet and submits their details, you need to thank them. A Thank You page is created for this purpose. However, a Thank You page has one more crucial role in the funnel; to introduce your brand and your tripwire.

  1. Up-sell Page:

An Up-sell Page introduces your tripwire customers to your core offer.

  1. Facebook Ad:

Set up a Facebook ad campaign to drive in traffic to your funnel. Setup Facebook conversion pixels to track your conversions so you can test and tweak your campaign.

  1. E-mail Series:

You need to create a well-thought-out email series to engage with prospects who opted-in but did not take the tripwire offer. Engage with your audience through emails and build a relationship with them. If you get this right, your prospects will eventually convert into buyers.

Engagement email series for building relationship with customers

You will also need to create a separate email series for the bunch who took your tripwire offer but did not purchase the core product. Remember, they already trust you enough to buy from you once. So, now it’s a matter of turning their “Nos” into “Yeses”.

Is the cost too high for them? Do they need help understanding how the core offer will make their lives easier? Figure out these objections and then figure out how to remove them.

  1. Profit Maximizer:

You can think of a profit maximizer as an Add-on which adds to the core offer profits. The purpose of a profit maximizer is to increase average customer value. For example, if someone purchased a pair of trekking shoes, they might also need trekking backpack. Find the link between your products and customer buying behavior.

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