Many Social Media Managers are constantly found racking their brains for content ideas. If you are responsible for continuously generating fresh content for your social media account, the following list of ideas can help.

Tip 1: Keep Rotating Content Type
Tip 2: Choose a theme for each day. Then pick any of the following to create fresh and unique content for each day.
Tip 3: Follow Social Media Checklist to keep things organized.

37 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Business

37 Social Media Content Ideas For Your Business

Type – Status Updates

  • New product/service announcement
  • Upcoming Event announcement
  • Recommendations
  • Progress updates on events and ongoing projects

Type – Photos

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Famous industry quotes
  • Behind the scene photos of events, meetings, team activities and client consultations.
  • Industry related memes
  • Company milestones
  • Throwback pictures of past events
  • Industry related stats and graphs
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes

Type – Videos

  • Informational slideshare
  • Client Testimonial
  • Interview with Authority figures in the industry
  • Videos with quick industry updates and news
  • Short Company update videos
  • Short snippets of live events combined with IGTV on Instagram
  • Short snippets of media coverage combined with IGTV on Instagram
  • Text videos with stats
  • Text videos with product/service information.
  • Promotion videos for events
  • Preview videos for Courses, Upcoming Events, Interviews, Webinars.
  • Office party
  • Office trip with the team
  • Client success story videos

Type – Stories

  • interviews
  • Live Events
  • Polls
  • Ask questions
  • Event highlights
  • Announcements
  • Quick Facts
  • Quick Tips
  • Photos
  • Behind the scene videos and photos

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OK! If you find this list a bit overwhelming, pick the ones that are easiest to accomplish. Start with the easy ones and make your way toward the more challenging ones.

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