Landing page is an essential component of a sales and marketing funnel. A well-thought-out landing page does an excellent job of moving visitors to the next level, in the funnel.

Is your landing page successfully accomplishing this task? Are your cold visitors taking desired ACTION on your landing page and converting into Warm Audience?

Think about it for a minute! If your answer is NO, then your existing landing page needs work.

To make your life easier, we have put together 11 Key Elements a landing page must contain to be successful. Carefully assess your landing page and check if all 11 of these essential elements are in place.

essential elements of a landing page

11 Key Elements Of A Landing Page

  1. A Clear Offer:
  • What is your Landing Page offering? Your landing page Headline needs to answer this clearly and concisely. Do not confuse your visitors or they will not hesitate to bounce out of your page.
  • The content of the page needs to keep the promise your Headline is making.
  1. Scent & Theme:
  • Is your Landing Page maintaining Ad scent or referring source scent? Ad scent is the consistency between an ad and the landing page, it sends your visitors to.
  • Following a consistent theme throughout the funnel maintains this scent and helps your visitors stay in a familiar zone. A Consistent scent helps new visitors feel comfortable, encouraging them to proceed further down the funnel.
  • Your landing page needs to maintain the offer promised in your ad or referring source. For example, if your Ad or referring source promises “A Free E-book On How To Train Your Dog“, the landing pages must keep this promise.
  • Scent must be maintained through images, fonts, color scheme and design as well. All these factors must stay consistent between your Ad or referring source and your landing page.
  1. Relevance & Target Audience

offer relevant to the audience you are trying to reach

  • Is your offer relevant to the audience you are trying to reach? A funnel starts with a clear understanding of your Target audience. Based on this, your offer is designed. It needs to be something your target audience want.
  • Specificity and personalization is the key. Create multiple target audience based on their specific needs. Then, create personalized offers for each audience type.
  • For example, “A Free E-book On Golden Retriever Care” and “A Free E-book On Persian Cat Care“. Each of these offers speak to a specific kind of pet owner.
  1. Enticing Visuals:
  • Is your Landing Page using attention grabbing images and videos to describe your offer? People like to look at images and videos more than reading through paragraphs of text. Your landing page visitors are no different.
  • Create attractive creatives of images and videos which depict what your offer, product and features are, and why your visitors should be interested in them.
  1. Quick & Simple Opt-in Form:
  • Is the Opt-in form on your Landing page easy to access and fill up? The idea is to make things as simple and accessible to your visitors as possible.
  • Your visitors shouldn’t have to be looking for the form. It should simply be visible to them when they get on the landing page.
  • Place your form somewhere on the landing page where the visitors don’t have to scroll too much to reach it. Have appropriate number of fields in the form and avoid any optional fields.
  • If your offer is high commitment then include more fields to cover all necessary details you would require to move forward. However, if it’s a low commitment offer, like a free eBook, have just the relevant fields. Avoid stressing your visitors out with a long list of unnecessary fields.

Opt-in form on your Landing page must be easy to access and fill up

  1. Gripping Form Headline:
  • Does your Landing Page have a gripping form headline? Your form headline needs to continue engaging with page visitors and give them what was promised. It needs to maintain the scent of the offer.
  • Make sure your form headline is not misleading or promotional.
  1. Clear CTAs:
  • Does your Landing Page have clear CTAs throughout the page? CTAs guide visitors what action to take on your landing page. A CTA is your opportunity to push your Cold Visitors to the next stage in your funnel as Warm Audience.
  • Place clear descriptive CTAs which stand out and entice visitors to take a desired action on your landing page.
  1. A Professional Layout:
  • Does your Landing Page have a clean and professional design layout? A professional design layout helps gain trust and credibility with your visitors.
  • You can use ClickFunnel, one of the best tools to create professional landing pages in stunning layouts. Have consistent Fonts throughout the page and keep the flow natural.
  1. Trust Badges:

Is your Landing Page using Trust Badges

  • Is your Landing Page using Trust Badges? A Trust badge or Trust icon lets your cold visitors know that you are a legit business and can be trusted.
  1. Testimonials:
  • Does your Landing Page have client testimonials. Testimonials from previous clients help new visitors in their decision-making process.
  • Having positive testimonials will help your visitors trust your page and will positively impact your conversion rates.
  1. Privacy Policy:
  • Does your Landing Page have clearly mentioned Privacy Policy? Privacy Policy lets visitors know that their personal data will not be misused.
  • Add a clearly visible Privacy Policy to your landing page. Add it close to your CTAs so visitors feel safe to share their details even though they do not know you.

Make sure all these points are incorporated into your Landing Page. If you have more points to share, feel free to add them in the comment section.

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